2/10: Hoff’s Public Domain Horrorfest: Horror Express

Tired of being cooped up this winter? Join your favorite live comedy show and horror film screening series Hoff’s Public Domain Horrorfest for a virtual ride on the Horror Express: https://youtu.be/olbBaSK2CGA

Horror icons Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star in this chilling 1972 sci-fi tale of an ancient evil unearthed in Manchuria and wreaking havoc on a snow-swept Trans-Siberian train ride. Monsters, murders, explosions, Telly Savalas–this movie truly has it all, and host Hoff Matthews will be unpacking its many frenzied virtues with help from his co-producers Andrei Alupului, George Gordon and Marybess Pritchett. 9:00pm EST on YouTube, Wednesday, February 10th!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on all your favorite social media platforms. Tune in, sit back, and laugh until you scream!

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